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Twitter raises the price of its ‘Blue’ subscription

In June of last year, Twitter officially launched its new subscription service called “Twitter Blue,” which unlocks exclusive features such as the ability to quickly undo a just-sent tweet and theme options within the app. A year later, Twitter is now raising the price of its Blue subscription for the first time.

As noted by social media consultant Matt Navarra, Twitter on Thursday sent an email to current Twitter Blue subscribers confirming that the monthly subscription price will be increased soon. While Twitter Blue was launched for $2.99 per month, the company will now charge $4.99 per month for the service – a 66% increase.

The latest version of the official Twitter app for iOS already charges $4.99 per month for Twitter Blue subscription, which means that new subscribers will already pay the new price.

However, Twitter says that “early adopters” of Twitter Blue (which are those who already have an active subscription) will continue to pay $2.99 per month until October 2022. After that, the subscription price will automatically be adjusted to $4.99. These customers will be notified again of the price increase 30 days before it takes effect.

Details about the reasons why Twitter is raising the price of the Blue subscription just a year after its launch are unclear. According to the company, the price increase in the Twitter Blue subscription will help the platform “continue to build some of the new features” users have been asking for.

Twitter’s situation is not at its best

Twitter has been facing a lot of internal issues ever since Elon Musk announced that he would buy the social network in a $44 billion deal. However, Musk later backed out of the deal, which caused Twitter to lose money and also a number of employees. The company is now suing Musk for backing out of the deal, while also trying to force him to complete the promised acquisition.

Of course, the company has also been doing what it can to improve its platform despite the dispute with Musk. Over the past few months, Twitter has announced new features such as options to record and replay Spaces, a Close Friends-like “Circles” feature, and CoTweets.

As for Twitter Blue, it’s worth noting that the subscription service is currently in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Twitter Blue subscribers can also read multiple articles without advertisements.

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