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Tweetbot is shut down by Tapbots, and Ivory is teased for Mastodon.

Tapbots, a popular developer of social media apps, has announced that it is shutting down its popular Tweetbot app for Twitter, while teasing a new app called Ivory for the Mastodon social network.

Tweetbot, which was an alternative third-party client for Twitter, had been a favorite among many users for its clean design, robust feature set, and support for multiple timelines. However, Tapbots has stated that changes to Twitter’s API and the company’s decision to discontinue the development of the Mac version of the app have led to the decision to shut down Tweetbot.

In the wake of this news, Tapbots has teased a new app called Ivory, which is designed for the Mastodon social network. Mastodon is a decentralized, open-source alternative to Twitter that allows users to host their own servers and join different “instances” of the network. Ivory is being developed as a native client for Mastodon, with a similar clean design and robust feature set as Tweetbot.

It’s unclear when Ivory will be released, but Tapbots stated that they will continue to support Tweetbot until its discontinuation date.

This news has been met with mixed reactions from the users, some are sad to see Tweetbot go while others are excited to see what Tapbots will bring to the table with Ivory on Mastodon.

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