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Is Mi QLED TV 4K the Best Affordable TV for Enthusiasts?

On this episode of Orbital, we discuss the Mi QLED TV 4K. We begin this episode by talking about Mi QLED TV 4K price in India and how it impacts the QLED TV market in the country. We talk about TVs from rival brands such as OnePlus, TCL, Samsung, and Sony, and tell you where the Mi QLED TV 4K is in terms of pricing and performance. Then we talk about the picture quality and what to expect from the Mi QLED TV 4K. We discuss the performance of this TV with 4K HDR content, followed by 1080p, 720p, and SD content, to give you a complete picture of what to expect from this TV.

Should you buy the Mi QLED TV 4K for its software? We discuss that at length as we share our thoughts on Android TV 10 and the new PatchWall 3.5 UI that the Xiaomi TV ships with. We tell you whether this TV delivers what you expect in terms of UI performance, and whether there is any lag or lack of smoothness that you should be aware of. Next we talk about the Mi QLED TV 4K remote and how it addresses a couple of longstanding complaints, followed by our suggestions on a more permanent fix for the problems. Finally we talk about the sound quality of the Mi QLED TV 4K and what to expect from the speakers on this device.

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