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You never walk alone: The SideWalk backdoor gets a Linux variant

ESET researchers have uncovered another tool in the already extensive arsenal of the SparklingGoblin APT group: a Linux variant of the SideWalk backdoor ESET researchers have discovered a Linux variant of the SideWalk backdoor, one of the multiple custom implants used by the SparklingGoblin APT group. This variant was deployed ...

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Why is my Wi‑Fi slow and how do I make it faster?

Has your Wi-Fi speed slowed down to a crawl? Here are some of the possible reasons along with a few quick fixes to speed things up. Wireless internet connectivity is a wonder of the modern age. There are few more ubiquitous technology protocols than Wi-Fi, the means via which radio ...

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Worok: The big picture | WeLiveSecurity

Focused mostly on Asia, this new cyberespionage group uses undocumented tools, including steganographically extracting PowerShell payloads from PNG files ESET researchers recently found targeted attacks that used undocumented tools against various high-profile companies and local governments mostly in Asia. These attacks were conducted by a previously unknown espionage group that ...

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