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Singapore workers feel disconnected in hybrid workplace

Hybrid workplaces may offer more flexibility, but Singapore employees highlight a need for everyone to have equal opportunities to contribute during hybrid meetings. These interactions also have spawned habits such as replying email and using social media while others are speaking.  Some 54% of white-collar workers in the country said ...

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Microsoft expands its Azure Space satellite-connectivity options

Microsoft Two years ago, Microsoft launched its Azure Space initiative, focused on making Azure a strong player in the space- and satellite-connectivity cloud market. On Sept. 14, timed with World Satellite Business Week, company officials outlined how they plan to expand Microsoft’s portfolio of satellite connectivity. Officials said Wednesday that ...

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Startup Graphiant offers SaaS-based replacement for MPLS, SD-WAN

ArtemisDiana/Getty Networking that carries all of our video streams, social communications, e-commerce, and personal data has become more complicated than 10 years of tangled kudzu vine for administrators to install and maintain. Between wide-area networks, hybrid clouds, network edge, telcos, cable providers, and satellites, this is fast becoming a genuine ...

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NTT partners with VMware to combine private 5G and edge services

Image: iStock/SasinParaksa Increasingly, organizations are collecting data and processing it in a distributed fashion — think of the growing use of warehouse robotics, or the growing number of intelligent features in cars.  To handle all of this dispersed data, companies need to leverage edge services — data management and processing ...

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