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Top notebooks with cellular connectivity in 2022

As much as we’re told we’re living in a “Wi-Fi everywhere” world, that just isn’t the case. If your job or business depends on always being connected, and you’re often on the road, then you need a laptop that brings wireless with you wherever you go. That’s where built-in cellular ...

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Best 5G laptop 2022: Notebooks with cellular connectivity

You only need to watch a couple of mobile carrier commercials to know that 5G is the next big thing in wireless connectivity, offering speeds that rival broadband in places where Wi-Fi can’t often reach. It’s compatible with existing 4G LTE networks, and despite its increased speeds, 5G can theoretically ...

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Pokémon GO approach to 2020 was full of carefully considered changes

Pokémon GO was created to encourage players to explore the world while coordinating impromptu large group gatherings — activities we’ve all been encouraged to avoid since the pandemic began. And yet, analysts estimate that 2020 was Pokémon GO’s highest-earning year yet. By twisting some knobs and tweaking variables, Pokémon GO ...

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Goodbye Flash, goodbye FarmVille

While much of what made 2020 such an absolute nightmare will still be with us on January 1 (sorry!), we will really, truly be leaving Adobe Flash and FarmVille behind as we enter the new year. The end of Flash has been a long time coming. The plugin, which was ...

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