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Apple may release watchOS 9.3 and iOS 16.3 updates for iPhone

According to recent reports, Apple could roll out updates for its iPhone and Apple Watch users as early as next week. The updates, iOS 16.3 and watchOS 9.3, are expected to bring a host of new features and improvements to the popular devices. Here’s a look at what users can expect from these updates.

  1. Improved Privacy Features: One of the biggest updates in iOS 16.3 is expected to be improved privacy features. Users will have more control over their data, including the ability to share their approximate location instead of their precise location with apps. Additionally, apps will need to ask for permission before tracking users across other apps and websites.
  2. New Emoji: iOS 16.3 is also expected to bring a new set of emoji to users. The update will include more than 200 new emoji, including new gender-neutral options, as well as new animals, food, and more.
  3. Bug fixes and Performance Improvements: As with any software update, iOS 16.3 is expected to include bug fixes and performance improvements. Users can expect to see an overall improvement in the performance and stability of their devices.
  4. Health and Fitness Features: watchOS 9.3 is expected to bring a host of new health and fitness features to the Apple Watch. The update will include a new Mindfulness feature, which will allow users to track their daily mindfulness practice and set reminders for mindfulness sessions. Additionally, the update will include new workout types, including Dance and Functional Strength Training.
  5. App Library: watchOS 9.3 will also include a new App Library feature, similar to the one found on the iPhone. This will allow users to organize and access their apps more easily.
  6. Family Setup: Family Setup is also expected to be included in the watchOS 9.3 update, which will allow parents to set up and manage multiple Apple Watches for their children.

It’s worth noting that these updates are not yet officially confirmed by Apple and it’s uncertain if these features will be included in the upcoming updates, also the exact release date of these updates is still not known. As always, it’s important to wait for official confirmation before getting excited about any new features or improvements.

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